Up until recently the North Devon and Somerset Coastal Advisory Group (NDASCG) was one of the 17 voluntary regional coastal defence groups covering the English and Welsh coastlines.

However, on 22 June 2007, the former Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, Ian Pearson, announced the new arrangements for the Environment Agency’s overview role on the future management of coastal erosion and sea flooding in England. The Minister’s announcement included a statement on the proposed arrangements for the coastal strategic overview. The statement included the intention that coastal groups should become more strategic and play a stronger role in the future planning of flood and coastal erosion risk management.

Coastal groups will become fewer, to form bigger and more strategic groups. They will have consistent terms of reference and membership and will have a strong Environment Agency input.

However, prior to this new arrangement the 17 coastal authority groups around the country, were responcible for overseeing the SMP2 review process. Many of these groups have become advisory groups and for consitancey are still remaining involved in the SMP2 Production.

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