Best Voice Recording app for Android

Voice recording apps are more useful these days. Especially for those who work as journalists, they interview a lot more important people and it’s very much important more them to record their voice. Sound Engineers carry a recording device so wherever they go, they always keep looking for different sounds that are natural and unique, voice recording app are very useful for them. You can also make your own tracks by recording and mixing it easily on your smartphone.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the best Voice recording app for android currently available on play store.


Smart Voice Recorder designed for high quality long-time sound recording. For example, you can use it for record night sleep talks, business meetings and how you sing or play the guitar and so on. It’s fantastic! And you may use it as regular voice recorder with simple and nice user interface.


NOTE: This app is not for call recorder and May not work properly on some handsets. His User interface is not optimized for tablets yet.


Voice Recorder is a simple, fun, and easy to use voice recorder. It is Easy to record meetings, voice notes, songs, without time limits! Even the voice recorder could run in background also. It’s much better than the other recorder application and have very simple user interface.



HD Audio Recorder is a high quality voice recording app, store your recordings as voice memos and share them with your colleagues/friends, this application uses optimal voice recording settings to give you the best possible HD recording experience right out of the box.



Sound Recorder is a simple and high quality voice recorder. This application is a handy tool for recording your meetings, music, classes, personal notes and more!



The Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder takes mobile sound recording to the next level. It has loaded with many Feature and customization options. It records directly into MP3 format, saving tons of space over time. For recording lectures, you won’t find a better voice recorder on Android than Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder.


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