Simple Way to Write Promotional Material

In almost all job positions you are required to write something positive about a product, idea, method, or a project. This is typically very challenging for most people. In such situations, a simple model called FABing is helpful in creating good promotional material in short time. Typically you will have only few seconds to convince the reader about how this project or product can solve their problems or get success.

It is essential to know about all the features, advantages, and benefits while writing any promotional material. But, it is important to know what are exactly Features, Advantages, and Benefits: Features: The features describe about the components or characteristics of the product, project, or method that has to be promoted. Advantages: Advantages indicate what the features can do. Advantages demonstrate how the feature can help the person. They are more persuasive than features. Benefits: Benefits are most important aspect in FAB and plays a key role in promoting any idea or product or project. Benefits actually describe how the product or idea can meet the core requirements and solve the problems being faced by people.

A person knowing about the features can have advantage and reap benefits from it. Let us see how to use FAB to write promotional material.

Features: While listing down the features, it should be noted that they have to be clear, concise, and precise. Features should give clear picture to the readers about the characteristics of the product or idea or services offered by the company.

For example, a milk product may have features like 20% protein, pasteurized, high fat level, contains vitamin and mineral supplements etc.

Advantages: Advantages indicate what the features can do compared to other similar products or services. It is a slight progression in terms of information that features offer. Mentioning advantages in a clear manner will help readers perceive about project or idea easily. Advantages that are important for readers should be mentioned specifically as they grab the attention of readers/listeners. Mentioning about specific advantages about product or idea can give competitive advantage and makes the idea or product more appealing. Advantages provide information on superiority of the product compared to alternatives.

For example, the advantages of milk product can be that it meets recommended protein requirement, meets high energy requirements, easy to digest, rich protein and minerals source, no need to boil etc.

Benefits: The aim of mentioning benefits is to solve the problems, difficulties, and meet specific requirement of the reader. The benefits indicate how the features having particular advantage will help to address or solve problems and meet the needs of the reader. The benefits include points that indicate what the features mean for reader. Benefits immediately highlight the selling points that are of relevance to the readers. They give a personal touch to the reader. The customers mostly look for features that benefit them. More the benefits provided by the product; more are the chances of influencing the reader to approve the product or purchase it. The features and advantages take the product or services one step closer to purchase but it’s the benefits which actually sells the product or idea.

For Example, the benefits of the milk product might be that it helps in giving high performance, ensure good health of children, helps to develop immunity, no contamination etc.

The FAB statement simplifies the process of writing promotional material.

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