Chrome Notebook Review

Google is trying their share in every market these days. They seem to be investing in lots of new inventions, acquiring companies and at the same time they are looking to add value to their search and advertising business. Since they are a dominant player in search and online advertising model, they tend to have great profit share. This profit share helps the company in funding for other interesting projects like Google maps, earth, automatic cars and other products that do not have a profit model at this point of time. But Google is really great in creating a technology platform and then inventing that for business model so as to get maximum revenue from it. Hence this new approach of cloud based laptop is not a big surprise.

In this post we will review Google Chrome Notebook. While the market has already been saturated with tons of computer companies, what is Chrome notebook all about? How is this different from Dell or HP or Samsung? One common answer for this is the cloud. Without the cloud feature Chrome notebook looks similar to other notebooks available in the market. From the cost perspective it seems that the cost is little bit on the higher side. This is really surprising for a product like Chrome notebook to enter into high competitive laptop business.

What is cloud?

Cloud is the mode where all data are stored seamlessly in internet. No local copy but everything is stored on the internet from which the user can retrieve and update the files. The benefit of cloud is that if the laptop is stolen or broken, all the files are still intact and they are safe in the internet. A user can purchase another laptop and get these data after identifying their identity. This is definitely an innovation from a technology standpoint. But this also has to flip side attached to it. What if the user wants to access the file while they are offline? What will the user do when they do not have internet connectivity? This is a very basic and core problem of cloud based laptops. This is also a very basic one that the developers of chrome notebook should have considered.

Hardware and Software:

As we know Google is not a manufacturing company that it does not have ability to manufacture products. For this reason, Google had to partner with technology companies like Samsung and LG. This particular notebook has come out with the partnership of Samsung. While Samsung computers are one of many successful products in the market, it is interesting to see how they have allowed leveraging their hardware for Google.

The software seems to be Google’s own proprietary Chrome OS software. This is being talked about for quite a long time and people seem to like this approach from a Google user standpoint.

This OS is specifically meant for cloud based models.

Currently chrome notebook does not seem that much attractive and has not played well in the market. With little bit more innovation and more cost cutting Chrome notebook has a great future.

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