Capabilities of 2.2 android tablets

The<strong> 2.2 android tablet </strong>is the recent technology in the world of android tablets following the release of the 2.2 android operating system. The advancement of this piece of recent technology has ushered of into a new dawn. The <strong>2.2 </strong> has a much simplified and user-friendly interface and more android applications to suit your needs. It comes with advanced technology hence faster processing speeds, more capacity in terms of hard disk capacity and much, much more.

The<strong> 2.2 android tablet</strong> comes in a variety of forms and shapes among which include the 8 inch which is so far the most common in people’s choice of purchase. The <strong>2.2 </strong> is installed with the newly released Google android 2.2 Froyo operating system. It has a memory RAM of about 512MB DDR2 and a ROM of 4GB which can be subjected to upgrading if need be. The <strong>2.2 </strong>also has a newly added 2.0 mega pixels camera that enables one to have more clarity and visual excellence in the pictures one takes. All these upgrades and developments make the <strong>2.2 </strong> capable of meeting all your needs efficiently.

The device has an upgraded hard disk memory of 32GB. Given that it is 8 inches it has a display of 800 by 600 pixels LCD.Unlike other android tablet PCs, the newly released <strong>2.2 </strong> has three buttons hence more accessibility. It has the powering on and off button and a back button to enable you to go back to the menu interface or the desktop interface. The <strong>2.2 </strong> is touch screen enabled with a sensor 4 technology to enable the device to carry the weight of gravity sensing 3D games. The audio input and output with an built-in microphone and 3.5mm standard headphone jack to enable you record audio with style and clarity.

The <strong>2.2 android tablet</strong> now has an upgraded and more powerful built in battery of 4200mah, guaranteeing you 4 extra hours in case of power shortage. The android portal contains an extensive variety of android applications both free and payable in entertainment, games, recreation, general knowledge, spiritual etc. all of which you can download to your <strong>2.2 </strong> for more personalization. The fascinating aspect about the <strong>2.2 </strong> is that it has a resistive touch screen capable of withstanding gravely destructive scratches and etches which will ruin your display and cause you to incur more costs in screen replacements.

The <strong>2.2 android tablet</strong> newly released has a 800 MHz-1 GHz processor hence more speed and efficiency while working. It is a WI-FI enabled device with an external 3G wireless data card. The network adapter allows 10/100M Ethernet LAN. The <strong>2.2 android tablet</strong> supports audio and video formats and particularly so HD video playback.

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