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Golden Cap, West Dorset


The following persons are engaged by or associated with the CCPL consultancy:-

Keith Cole – Director

Geoff Davis – Associate

Medea Gravelle – Associate

Mike Amphlett – Associate (Technical Review)

Keith Cole - Director

Keith Cole is an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and and an Associate Member of the Chartered Instititution of Water and Environmental Management (AIWEM).

Keith was the Engineering Manager at West Dorset District Council from May 1994 to March 2005. 
He was Chairman of the Lyme Bay and South Devon Coastline Group (of coastal operating authorities from Portland Bill to Plymouth) from 1998 to 2004.  West Dorset District Council has 26 miles of coastline, which includes the harbour resorts of Lyme Regis and West Bay (where substantial coastal defence schemes have recently been promoted). 

West Dorset also has some 1,900 km of watercourses, many of which are protected by flood defence schemes promoted by the Council, through Keith, over the last 15 years.

Keith has over 40 years experience of working in the civil engineering industry, for both private and public sector employers.  He has worked on a wide range of engineering schemes, including the drawing up of jetties, pontoons and mooring dolphins for international oil tanker terminals; the design and construction of main river weirs, radial gates and bridges; trunk sewer improvement programmes; and project management of multi million pound flood and coastal defence schemes. He gives specialist advice on coastal erosion and flood risk management, coastal and harbour management and shoreline management planning
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Keith Cole, Director CCPL

Geoff Davis - Associate

Geoff Davis is an engineering geologist with a particular interest in the assessment and management of coastal instability and erosion problems. He is experienced in the investigation and interpretation of geomorphology and ground conditions, and in the management of geotechnical and multi-disciplinary projects. He has designed, supervised and reported on a large number of site investigations in the UK for different types of development, and has been resident engineering geologist for several major construction projects.

A large part of Geoff's recent experience was gained with West Dorset District Council as team leader for the Lyme Regis coast protection scheme. Most recently, as a freelance consultant, Geoff has worked on a variety of projects including investigation and risk assessment for landslides and coastal erosion in the UK, and the assessment of offshore geohazards on the Nile Delta. He has 12 published papers on aspects of landslide management, site investigation and public relations.
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Geoff Davis, Associate CCPL

Medea Gravelle - Associate

Medea Gravelle is a qualified coastal engineer with an MSc in coastal zone management.  She started her career in West Dorset where she worked on West Dorset District Council's West Bay and Lyme Regis coastal defence schemes.

Prior to launching her freelance business, she held the position of Forum Co-ordinator to the Dorset Coast Forum for 8 years.  This entailed managing the day to day business, consultation and delivery of Forum policy direction, formation and scoping of partnership projects together with the planning and overseeing of large scale conferences and workshops. 
Initially, she was employed by the Forum (through the EU Demonstration Programme in Coastal Zone Management), to produce a Coastal Strategy for Dorset.

As a consequence, Medea has eight years professional experience of coastal zone policy and strategic management.  She has acquired excellent communication, organisational and stakeholder engagement skills, together with those of effective report writing, publication and web design.
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Medea gravelle, Associate

Mike Amphlett – Associate (Technical Review)

Mike Amphlett, is a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and having been a chartered civil engineer for 15 years, is well placed to perform the tasks of Technical Reviewer for the company’s projects.

From 1965 to 1990, Mike was employed by HR Wallingford and, in the period up to 1974, was involved in a wide variety of physical and numerical modelling research investigations.   In 1974 Mike joined a newly formed Overseas Development Unit set up to assist developing countries in irrigation and water resources problems. Up until leaving HR in 1990, Mike was project leader and section manager for soil conservation research projects in Malawi, Botswana and the Philippines.

After leaving HR Wallingford, Mike went into local government, initially for a short period with Aylesbury Vale D.C. working in their drainage division, before taking up a post with West Dorset D.C. in 1991 in their coastal and amenities section.  Up until leaving West Dorset at the end of 2004, Mike was principally involved in promoting and managing coastal defence schemes and project managing the formulation and preparation of two shoreline management plans.      
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Mike Amphlett - Associate