How to Combine Videos on iPhone from Multiple Apps.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone from Multiple Apps.

The iPhone is a powerful device that can be used to take photos and videos, but a lot of the time, you may find yourself wanting to use it for something else. If you want to put two or three videos on your phone at once, here’s how!

How to Combine Videos on iPhone from Multiple Apps.


How to Download and Install Videos on iPhone.

The first step is to download the videos you want to use. You’ll need to do this on your computer, because the videos won’t be able to play on your iPhone without installing them with iTunes.

Open up iTunes on your computer and click “File” from the menu bar. Navigate to the folder where you wish to place the video files and then select those files in order of how many times you want them displayed. Once they’re all selected, click “Add File To Library.”

Once they are in your library, go back into iTunes and select “Purchased” from the top menu bar. From there, select the Apple ID that you used for purchasing these movies, as well as any devices that might have access to it. Scroll down until you find “videos” and then click “add videos.”

If your movies are not showing up in this window, make sure that they are added at the bottom of your device’s main library in “Purchased” rather than “Music Videos,” “Movies,” or “TV Shows.”


Find Your App that Contains the Videos You Want.

First, download the videos you want to put on your phone. Next, use your iPhone’s built-in browser to go to iTunes where the app is located. Once there, click the three dots in the top-middle of your screen and click “Install”.

Once it’s been downloaded, open up your phone and enjoy!


Open the App and Load Multiple Videos on iPhone.

To do this, open the app and then tap on the “Edit” button found in the upper-right corner of your screen. This will open up a menu that can be used to choose which videos you would like to load onto your phone.

Next, tap on “Add Media” and select the videos you would like to put on your phone. Once selected, press “Done.”

Once loaded, you can use your finger to scrub through the videos at any point by scrolling up and down. You can also adjust volume levels by pressing it during playback.

By adding multiple videos onto your iPhone, you have no problem capturing all of those memories with just one device!


Close the App and Select the Right Video.

To do this, close the app and select the video you want to use from your iPhone’s home screen. Then, when you open the app again, it will be loaded onto a second screen.

You can also put multiple videos on your phone by using AirPlay. Just click on the AirPlay button in your iPhone’s settings to have it mirror your screen to an Apple TV or a Mac.


Try It Out.

Open up the Photos app on your iPhone.

If you already have videos on your phone, you should be able to find them in the “Albums” tab.

Tap and hold any of them to add it to your video playlist.

Once you’ve added a video to the list, tap the “3” button in your top-right corner. When you do, you’ll see three thumbnails appear at once.

To start playing one of these videos, just pick the thumbnail of which you want to watch!

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