Advertising Based Business? Home Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

When one thinks of secrets, one thinks of knowledge that is being withheld. There sure do seem to be a lot of companies out there who prey on individuals with these secrets doesn’t there? They lure you with the promise of cash just flooding through your front door like an unstoppable force. However, once they have your money it seems as if they are still the only ones with the secrets.

Disappointed that yet again you got burned, you continue searching. Only this time you are more cynical than the last time. All you want is what we naturally should have if the world weren’t so backwards and upside down. The freedom to pursue something better for your family. I get it. I was there. Spending all my time just trying to keep the bills paid. You get home exhausted and have to turn around and do it all again tomorrow.

Because the rent people still want their money and so does the water and electric. Sucks being a grown up doesn’t it? This was not how we imagined it when we were little was it? On the contrary, we thought we were going to grow up and do everything we dreamed of. Then reality begins to creep it’s ugly head around the corner.

For many of us we never even got the opportunity to breathe after school. A job needed to be gotten as soon as possible because there were new sudden expenses to be taken care of. Insurance and a car payment, food and whatever else needed to be done. So it became work, work, work. No end in sight now.

Maybe a job upgrade is in order. Maybe. If you could find one at all. Likely the “step-up” wasn’t that large either in the grand scheme of things. You don’t really have the experience for a big jump in any direction yet.

Instead of rent, your credit was good and you got financed for a mortgage. A word that quite literally means death grip is now yours. Cars in the drive and mounting debt. It sinks in with a certainty that there is no way that you can ever leave the job. You would lose everything.

We get up, go to work, work hard, see little of home. But hey we have one right! Finally get home tired of dealing with the days events, say hello to your spouse and kids, have dinner, watch a show, and then go to bed. Repeat.

Maybe we have our moments that we can relax. There certainly isn’t enough of them though. Something went wrong somewhere you realize one day. This was not where I was supposed to be. Sure my life had to take the course it did to bring me to this point, but I was supposed to be…freer? I was supposed to do so many things and I haven’t yet. Reality stinks!

Looking for a way to take that next step to freedom. It’s out there. You can just feel it in your bones. So you bet on yourself. Take the plunge and if you were like me….You fell flat on your face. Several times. And it wasn’t pretty. You lost more time, more money, and you’re no better off than when you started. It sounded legit and like a good deal but you were left holding the bag once again.


“Will I ever find a way out?” You think to yourself.

I did. You can too.

My family had to live without running water for two months because we couldn’t afford the five-hundred dollar reconnect fee. Talk about stressful. I felt it each and every day. From my shoulders to my toes we were living on faith. We had no other choice.

It was a very flattering one to say the least. So the red flags went up. Scam I thought. One of the rules of life is that if it’s too good to be true, it is. My curiosity was piqued enough that I began to do some further research anyway.

It seemed as if they had “cracked the code” with this affiliate marketing thing. What’s more, there was an actual community that they had set up for support.

Did I mention the extensive training they offered?

Wait….If that were true…

If there were five separate courses to go through plus this affiliate boot camp thing…Then there should be no way I wouldn’t be able to do it right? I mean the support is right there with a whole community of website owners at my disposal…I can pick their brains if I’m confused.

Hell it didn’t cost me anything. I’ll just start painting by the numbers and see what happens. I was immediately amazed at the progress I was making. The community was very hands on in their help. Even the owner of the company and Wealthy Affiliate University was accessible. That I found very cool.

Ten days passed as I test drove the training and community at Wealthy Affiliate. I was banging out the progress and excitedly I logged into Wealthy Affiliate to continue the training. I clicked. Nothing happened. That’s when my gut wrenched and I realized that my free trial was up.

I considered a new search for a new company and just letting this fall by the wayside as I had so many others. I couldn’t afford water let alone the twenty two bucks or so a month that it would cost me to continue on as part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I decided to keep working on the sites. If I could just keep getting it I knew I could succeed. I kept grinding. Finally in frustration I realized that what the community and training at Wealthy Affiliate offered, was invaluable to my success and the success of my website.

This one last time I would invest in myself and see if I could make it happen. The community was back! The training was back! It would be hard work I knew but it was so going to be worth it! I kept going through the steps, I kept painting by the numbers, I kept going!

Then more results. They had actually trained me to get my pages to rank on the first page search results of Google consistently! Traffic became a regular sight on my pages. People buying things because I was able to help point them in the right direction. My websites began to grow in authority and the rest as they say, is history.

I’m still not sure what I was searching for except that it needed to be a way out. A way out of the financial turmoil that was in my life. It was. I will always be so thankful that an organization actually took the time and had a vested interest in my success. That’s the way it should be in life. People helping each other to gain new heights. People concerned enough with one another to not only empathize with the plight of others, but to lend a hand to help pull them up.

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