Become a fast Your slow computer or laptop

When your PC is slow, you may be working too much trouble. However, if you often need to format the computer and work is Trouble. Often a small and easy to follow tips to boost their system to be.

* To minimize start-up

Often people are installed on the system start-up of programs. Doing so will reduce the speed of the computer. They are people who do not have special information about start-ups, it is necessary to know the program. It is to be on the computer automatically goes on. It, like many vijhetsa analoga block, screen, News Feed, D-Talk, skaipa, programs like Bit Torrent is included. Users are used to the routine.

* How to uninstall

– Go to the Start menu and select Run command, then ‘windows key + R’ click on.
– In the window is open “msconfig” and press enter typing.
– From here, click on the Startup tab, and do not use the programs list, delete it.

* Keep C drive empty

Computer C drive is considered the most important drive. If you keep the C drive of any personal data.

* Upgraded graphics driver

If you’re fond of HD gaming can be considered a work techniques. Gemarsane that it is necessary to continue to update their PC drivers. Drivers for any hardware running special programs that may be useful. It is time to buy a PC that drivers become outdated after a few minutes.

Any vendor’s hardware can be updated driver. PC AMD, nVidia graphics processor that Intel is any driver, but it can be upgraded to a vendor. It does not hang PC game playing time ever.

* Do not keep more than one antivirus

Antivirus PC or laptop today is not necessarily caused by a virus. Host PC can be just as important a registered antivirus. While the two programs different from installing a firewall program has been slow PC. While it takes a lot of power, such as firewalls, antivirus programs become less of a working speed.

* To scan the corrupted file

PC system files are always changing the computer’s operating system. There are many files that have been corrupted after the system update. Files that do not work, even though the user is a system block. It can delete files that can then be repaired.

* How do you check corrupted files

Control panel> programs> uninstall or change programs go into. The “System File Checking” has been deleted from a PC using the corrupted files, or c can repair it.

* Keep the focus on the hardware

If your PC has become obsolete if it is necessary to change the hardware to increase speed. Ramon PC that can be extended, the cable can be replaced more often become old PC ports jam. If your PC does not hang an enemy called a technician must be able to check it. More information can also be obtained from the software. That is, if you’re using Windows XP instead of Windows 7 or Windows 8 can be installed.

* Keep a clean desktop

The reason is that the desktop does not always work. Save the files on the desktop computer can be made part of the C drive and the memory can be made from low-cost. Save files to the desktop instead of the other drives can be saved.

* Use antivirus registered

There are many viruses and malaversa PC using the Internet. PC shuts down its speed. May be registered for use antivirus scan every month and requires a PC flower.

* Visuals delete useless softwares

There are many softwares to save PC. Although it can not be used and the memory space it occupies. Do not use it if the PC’s memory is low, it is greatly appreciated.

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