Learning the language of love from the dogs

From times immemorial, dogs have been the favorite friends of human beings. They have been their friends, philosophers and guides in their own way and they have always stood by the humans’ side through the thick and thin. Yes, it is true that they do not have words to express their feelings for the humans but they have various other ways to tell how they feel for the humans and express every single emotion that they have for the humans. If you stay with them and gradually grow with them, it is not difficult to make out what they are trying to say. Well then, let us have a look at some of the very common signals that the dogs give us to express their feelings.


As per dog-experts like Anderson Cooper and Brian Hare, dogs use their eyes to express their affection towards the humans. In other words, they literally hug’ the humans with their eyes. This has a biological explanation as well that says the hormone Oxytocin is released during this staring moments, which is the same hormone that catalyses the development of the bond between a mother and her child. Therefore, quite naturally, these staring phenomena instigate a feeling of oneness between the dog and the human. However, it is never advisable to stare at them intentionally, which can cause opposite reaction instead. The thing happens just like that and you should just let it happen like that and go with the flow!


It so happens sometimes that the dogs may bring toys to you and you may feel that they want to play with you. Actually, toys signify more than just playing for them. These toys are their very own assets and they are sharing them with you. Whenever anyone shares something very dear with some other person, it means that there is a feeling of caring is involved because after all, sharing is caring’.


When it comes to sleep habits, the dogs even have a lot to express here. If they want to sleep with you, it means you are extremely special and dear just as a family for him. This is because the relaxation and soothing moments of our lives are entangled with sleeping and we love to sleep with the most loved persons of our lives. The same theory applies for the dogs as well when they come to sleep with you. They have this family feeling attached to this action of sleeping with you.


Do you always have your dog waiting at the door whenever you return from office or come back home after a long tour outside? Well, then this is a signal that he misses you like anything and cannot afford to waste any moment now that you have returned. They keep attending you all the time, make you feel special and wanted’ in every way. It is as if somebody is waiting just for you. It is indeed a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?


Sometimes it may happen that you have to leave back your dog in the house and go somewhere for some work or other engagements. While in a hurry, you forget to bid him goodbye properly or unintentionally ignore him that you realize later and regret in your mind. Well, you can be assured of the fact that even though humans can get angry or cross with you for this kind of behavior but the dogs will never think so as they trust you fully and have faith in you. They know in heart that you will return for him and then you both are going to have a lovely time with each other. There won’t be any panic stricken activity in them or they will not be helpless or throw tantrums. In other words, even though they feel heartbroken, they will handle that gracefully without letting negativity engulf them and affect your relationships at all.


The dogs use different kinds of facial expressions to express various kinds of feelings that they harbor in their heart for us. A study in Japan has shown that whenever the dogs look at their masters, they will usually lift their left eyebrows whereas they will lift the right eyebrows if they see a strange or sometimes, do not give any such reaction at all. They will use their various organs such as eyes, ears or tails to express fine feelings.


Dogs can also get too intimate and be in a mood to cuddle you sometimes. This can happen anytime but generally, this happens after any meal. You may feel that he is grateful to you or thanking you for feeding them but the fact is not. Rather, he is trying to tell that you are his best friend.


If a dog is trying to lean upon you or pressing upon you, then it is an indication that he is trying to say hello’ or trying to hug you in their own way. Sometimes, this may also indicate that they are coming to you as they feel safe and secure when you are near them. Usually, when the dogs are afraid, they will come to you and lean against you. This means they want you to be with him and protect him from all kinds of situations.


Yawning is again a very common yet subtle signal of the dogs to give a feeling of submission before you. It can also mean that they are completely retiring in your custody knowing that they are in the most secure haven. They can also yawn seeing that their masters are yawning too, more like imitating them! Again, yawning can happen if they are too much anxious or disturbed and need some solace.


Whenever a dog sits on the feet, it means that they are trying to shield you from any adverse or harmful situation. They will always be there with you in your most troubled times and will be there to comfort you when you are down.


Various studies have revealed that dogs are extremely receptive as well as responsive animals and they really understand your happiness and sorrows. They will get closer to you whenever they feel that you are in need of coaxing or cajoling in hard times.
Therefore, it is quite clear how the dogs put out their heart out to tell how much they love the humans. In short, dogs can be the best buddies of human beings.

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