Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)

This review is from: Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop (OLD VERSION) (Personal Computers)

I hesitated a lot to buy this thing, costing as much as it does.
I irrevocably did, and LOVE it.

I have been using PCs for years. Have a PC at work, figured I’d just do the same at home.
Bought a netbook – fee was fantastic – but the cover was tiny and it just never was simple to use. Gave it to my neice.
Bought a 17″ laptop with Outlook – I really thought Outlook was OK, and I loved being able to make the cover resolution larger – so it was very simple on my 52 year ancient eyes. But the thing was HEAVY. So huge and bulky I would often leave it home when going on a trip. Also got real tired of having to run anti-virus software (and pay for it), and having glitches regularly with innumerable types of software – adobe, the sync programs, etc. In addition, if I was in bed and wanted to check something real quick, it took 30 seconds or so to boot up, and then had a glitch where the cover wouldn’t turn on, so I’d have to place it to sleep and wake it up again.

I bought an iPad, and the instant on was fantastic, but after using the iPhone4 I didn’t like the cover resolution. In addition, it was quite heavy for holding up to read, did not have a keyboard, and couldn’t play Flash videos. Sold it.

So irrevocably bought this small guy, and it really fits the bill. I thought the 11″ cover would be too tiny, but for some reason it seems much larger. I reckon it’s because it is so simple to scroll up and down, back and forth using the touch pad. (On the PC, the scroll never became “unconscious” – it often seemed to distract me just sufficient to find the proper place to push on the touchpad). Maybe it’s the resolution of the Air, maybe it’s the fact that it is so tiny I can position it aptly where I want it to be.

It jumps to life aptly away, I like that. Simple to look stuff up, or send that one email, or whatever I want to do. (I reckon I have a small ADHD, so when I turn on my computer and it takes 60 seconds to get ready, I often forget why I turned it on!).

It downloads web pages much quicker than my PC laptop or my PC desktop, and handles cinema much quicker too.

And the size makes it so I can just grab it and go, rather than having to make a conscious choice about “should I bring the laptop?” It simple fits in my hand next to my notepad/binder and I hardly notice carrying it.

IMHO, this is what a laptop was always supposed to be. I LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it. Thanks, Apple!! Now I have to influence if I’m going to go everything from my home PC to Mac platform – and if so, should I use only this small guy? (i.e. TurboTax, all those accumulated Word documents, etc)

Oh, BTW, I did hook it up to my 24″ HP monitor, and it works fantastic. You can use two screens if you want (i.e. have the AIr open and the desktop monitor is an “additional” cover – or having them duplicates of each other, but the resolution is less than the desktop can handle. It doesn’t look quite as stunning as those iMac screens, but very close.

And the final thing – the “chicklet” keys – very worried about getting used to them, the spacing seems a bit different than my other computer keyboards. It did take a day or two, and I subdue make the occasional mix, but overall I like them BETTER. I can type quicker on them for some reason — ?less key travel? Anyways, that turned out not to be an issue for me at all.

I just reckon it’s incredible to have this small slab of metal that I can pick up and take anywhere in my house, or anywhere in town, and have full computer access and use within seconds. Aptly now I’m standing in the kitchen (it’s sunny in here but not in the office) typing away. I’m a pleased camper! (And now I have to make my lunch – can’t afford to eat lunch out for a few months to pay for it, but it’s worth it!)

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