Suggestions To Successfully Promote Your Membership Site

If you currently operate an online business, then you realize how crucial it is to get the word out regarding your product. You will need to do the very same with your membership site if you would like it to be a success.

Try these steps to launch your campaign. Some of the same promotion methods that you made use of for your Internet business ideas will work, but they may possibly need to be tweaked a bit. You’ll understand what we mean in a second.

1. Target the right marketplace. This usually goes without saying, but your market may have changed a bit with the membership site. If your target market was those interested in fitness, the group that would pay for a fitness membership site may possibly be a more focused group of fitness buffs who are serious about staying in shape or who would like to be fitness trainers. You’ll have to modify your sales pitch just a bit.

2. Use unique content. Your visitors already get the run-of-the-mill stuff everywhere else. Present them with something that is new or has a brand new twist on an old problem. Use snippets of your articles on the home page so that they get a taste of what they will see if they sign up to become members. Furthermore, don’t stop thinking about SEO marketing. Prominent search engine rankings, as you know, draw additional traffic to your membership website. Make use of backlinks from blogs to strengthen your rankings.

3. Make contacts like crazy. Bring into play each and every one of the avenues open to you. Guest blog for some of your business connections. In your bio, promote the membership website. Find your way onto guest spots on online radio shows and business podcasts. Use social networking venues like YouTube to start a viral marketing campaign utilizing video media. It can be a plain video utilizing an energetic PowerPoint presentation put to music or with audio.

4. What about an affiliate program? This will be promoted from within the membership. Introduce the affiliate program to your members as a way to make a profit from the membership with your site. Additionally propose incentives at a variety of levels as their sales grow, like a second tier affiliate program that gives residuals for referrals.

5. Offer a free trial membership. For three or four days (a week if you desire), offer individuals who will sign up for emails and newsletters limited access to the membership area. Tempt them by giving them access to a few articles, but as soon as they click on links for eBooks, exclusive reports or video for more in-depth information, they are redirected to a page that says those items are only accessible with a paid membership. Or…Offer a trial membership for only a single buck. Prospective members can pay just $1 and receive trial access to the members area for a full 7 days. If they choose not to continue their membership, they can simply login and terminate their subscription. Otherwise, in 7 days time, they will be billed the standard subscription cost and obtain access to everything in the membership.

To drive traffic and swell your membership, you will have to market a lot. But, if a few of your existing customers are interested in taking their expertise to the next level, encourage them to become members and bring their acquaintances. Utilize the aforementioned steps to start your own membership site and you will be successful. You can then join the happy group of elite membership site owners. Subsequently, you can relax and sense the enthusiasm rising in you, as you realize that… finally… you’ve taken probably your most significant steps yet to establishing the sort of financial independence you long for.


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