Complete Review on iPhone vs Android

Now you would have already come across various comparisons on the iPhone vs android phones. Comparing both you will be able to decide whether the Android phone is better than iPhone or vice versa. The first and foremost feature when it comes to android and iPhones is the battery. The battery is replaceable and removable and also easily available for you in the market. If you are travelling you can even have an additional battery fully charged which can be replaced on the move. But when it comes to iPhone you will not be able to replace the battery or even see how it is.


There are numerous applications available for you to download when it comes to iPhone and Android. Though iPhone is known for its browsing speed it doesn’t allow to browse multiple browsers at a time. Whereas Android phone has the feasibility to use to multiple browsers at a time and it is cheap compared to iPhone. Another important point is desktop pc. You must have come across the desktop pc access. IPhone doesn’t have this option; with Android you will be able to experience full desktop capability. You can also have shortcuts like how we have in our computer. You can have widgets in the desktop that will help you get notifications.


The major advantage of the Android phone is that connectivity to the computer. Easy file transformation, no software needed. Whereas in iPhone you will have to download the software and transform the files, this may be annoying at times.


You can have system wide notifications in cascade windows; you can pull them to see the details. This doesn’t apply for iPhones. This definitely makes android phones better than iPhones.

Syncup facility

This is one added advantage you have in the android phones. All the contacts, messages, mails, applications will be sync in Google which can be recovered in case of any data loss. This is not popular in iPhone.


Say for instance you want to send a message on the move, you can just say it aloud and it will automatically change to words and search for your name you wish to send the message. You can also connect a call by saying call ‘name’ and the call will be connected to that person. This is not supported in iPhone which makes Android phones to stand out.

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