Choosing the Right iPhone Application Developer

A number of mobile handsets have made mark in the arena of wireless communication, but the Apple iPhone still tops the list. With a wide range of unique and advanced features and numerous advanced functionalities, the Apple iPhone has successfully maintained a discrete position in the communication world. These superlative multimedia touch phones offer a range of highly advanced functionalities such as internet browsing, media player, digital camera and so on.

The sales figure of this techno marvel has crossed 21.5 million. Such enormous popularity has encouraged countless developers to come up with third-party iPhone software. The iPhone application development market has expanded massively within a very short duration of time and the most surprising fact is that it is offering immense profit till date.

Today, countless mobile website developers have made their entry into this field. As a result, innovative apple iPhone apps and websites keep hitting the markets every now and then. There are a number of companies that keep hiring iPhone software application developers in order to provide their clients with cutting edge iPhone application development services.

With the emergence of so many companies, the task of choosing a right iPhone app developer has become quite difficult. So, if you are in the market to hire the services of one of the best iPhone app development firms then here are a few tips that will certainly help you in making the right choice.

Make sure to check the experience of the company in developing mobile apps. The next step is to evaluate the company’s framework for creating an appealing and easy to use iPhone application. Do not deal with the company that fails to reflect creativity or lacks fresh ideas for your project. It is always better to go for the companies that own a huge team of iPhone designers, developers and testers. Such companies can handle upgradation, fix bugs and provide you with appropriate technical support whenever required.

As a client it is important for you to see further than the iPhone. There exists a huge market on a number of major platforms such as J2ME, PlamPre, Blackberry and Android. The developer hired by you must have the knowledge of porting different iPhone games or applications to these platforms.


Choosing The Best 7 Inch Android Tablet PC

In recent years, there is an increasing growth of intense competition to provide the best 7 inch android tablet to the consumers with high demand for the android operating system. Consumers are constantly looking for the best available resources to enable them to work on multiple activities with one single product in the most comfortable ways possible. The manufacturers along with the application developers are also working hard to meet the demand by upgrading its features and content from time to time. But have they been able to satisfy everything that the consumers want? Or is it the golden rule that consumers are never fully satisfied?

Google Nexus 7 currently has the highest rating and fast growing market share in the industry; however there have been some mixed reviews about its features. Many consumers in their reviews complained about the product not having the Micro SD slot which for any tablet user might come as very important if they want to expand the storage capacity. Furthermore, with no landscape home screen access, browsing may become a bit less comfortable. It does not also have a phone functionality which many buyers would consider essential as most of the other mini tabs, even the cheapest ones do have such feature.

For these few reasons, many users may decide to go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) which is a close competitor of Google Nexus where one might argue for the former to have more features than the latter. Samsung Galaxy tab do have camera applications alongside extended memory storage slot and more audio and video supported formats in forms of AAC, Flac, WMA, Wav, Midi, 3Gp, Flash Video and so on where Google Nexus has no camera applications and is only limited to MP3 and MPEG4 formats for audio and video players respectively.

However, even though Google Nexus lacks many sufficient features that are present in the Samsung Galaxy Tabs, it still continues to get better rating and the reason is fair and simple. It is because of its quality. Google Nexus is considered to have a great design with very beautiful outlook following a lighter weight than the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is an important factor for anybody looking to carry their tabs in the most comfortable manner in their pockets and so on. In addition, Google Nexus has a faster processor of Quad core, 1200 MHz as oppose to the Dual core 1000 MHz of the Samsung Galaxy tab. Alongside a better video resolution (probably the best among all the 7 inch tabs) the special qualitative features of Google Nexus will continue to go on.

So it all comes down to the personal preferences of the consumers, what they want most in the most cost effective way. Certainly, the intense competition is making the tabs cheaper than before but consumers are increasingly demanding more. Based on the reviews, it seems people are looking for a combination of both qualitative and quantitative features in their android devices like a merger of Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy. However, in reality it is actually about the gamble between quality and quantity just like any other product in the market where consumers have to play a very careful game to get their money worth.