Building Your Own Laptop Online

Building your own computer can be a very daunting task. You might think to yourself that the only people able to build a computer are computer nerds or specialists, but you couldn’t be more wrong. When building a computer online you don’t even get hands-on, unless you want to. You can have it pre-made for you with the parts you want, so you do no work at all aside from pressing a few buttons and making the crucial decisions online. You can plan your dream laptop out in your head, and then go online and build it. In this article we’re going to talk about a few things you should consider when trying to build your own laptop online. Let’s now delve into some exclusive information you’ll want to know.

Think About the Purpose of Your Laptop:

This is the absolute first thing you should do when building your own laptop. What are you making the laptop for? Are you constructing it so you can game with the best of them, or are you building it cheaply and effectively for basic everyday tasks? Regardless of what you’re using it for, you’ll want to think ahead. You don’t need 16GB of RAM if you’re primarily using your laptop to watch Netflix and write school essays. On the other hand, if you’re going to be spending multiple hours a day editing videos and playing games, the extra RAM is a necessity, not an option.

Once you decide on what your laptop’s purpose is, you can outline it in an easy fashion. Let’s now look at some other important aspects of building a laptop.

How Do You Want to Build it?

This is also important to consider. Once you get the basic facts down about what you’ll be doing with your laptop, and how you want to build it, you can pinpoint how to build it. Do you want to buy all the parts and assemble the entire laptop by yourself? By soldering parts together, buying a case and putting the parts inside, and more? Or do you want to find a brand or company that you like, and pick a general laptop idea that you’re interested in, and then just customize that laptop from there?

You can only really go two ways. If you’re more adventurous, perhaps building your own laptop is for you. If you’re just interested in getting it done, have the company you trust build it for you, and reap all the benefits. Note that if you build it yourself, it can be considerably cheaper, but you can also mess it up and cause yourself a lot of misery in pain after having to buy expensive parts twice.

Building it The Easy Way:

This is taking the less adventurous, safer route. You can simply go on most laptop websites and customize pre-built laptops. Like a certain Dell laptop, but think that it could use a better video card and more RAM? Usually, they’ll let you customize your laptop as long as the modifications aren’t huge. Now we’ll list a few of the more popular websites you can build your own laptop on.

Pudget Systems Traverse:

Pudget Systems will allow you to custom build a laptop on a few different base platforms. They’re known for getting your laptop built quickly and have very fast turnaround. You’ll usually have your order shipped in as little as 3 days, which is incredibly quickly to get everything interchanged and built for you.

Toshiba Laptops:

Toshiba has so many choices when it comes to custom making your laptop that it’s ridiculous. You’ll be able to customize your laptop to do just about anything you want. From a basic laptop that you can make for a cheap price, to an expensive, high-quality laptop for gaming, you can trust Toshiba for anything. We’d recommend using a company like iBuyPower (which we’ll talk about in a minute), or Pudget for a higher-end laptop though.

iBuyPower Laptops:

iBuyPower is for higher-end equipment. You can start with a laptop that has a base price of $1,000+, and build it up from there. After adding on the best technology, it’s easy to spend well over $1,500 on a really high-quality iBuyPower. For gaming or heavy video editing, an iBuyPower will definitely get the job done. You probably don’t want to risk building a $1,000+ laptop by yourself, so perhaps trust the professionals and have the staff here build it for you.

Doing it The Hard Way:

If you’re up for the challenge, you can build your own laptop after buying parts as well. There are really only two websites that stand out to buy computer parts from. They are TigerDirect, and NewEgg, and surely if you’ve been in the computer industry before, you’ve heard of both or one of these companies. They completely dominate the market and make up most of the computer part sales in the world.

If you want to build your own laptop, be sure to watch a few guides to know what you’re doing. Nobody, and we repeat, nobody can go into this kind of stuff with no experience. You might be an expert carpenter, for example, but building a computer is a much more delicate and difficult art. Everything has to be precise or it won’t work, might overheat, or some other problem may arise. Just take your time and everything will run smoothly. If you have any questions about building your laptop online, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to help you out the best we can. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the article!

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