Beats Executive are they More than Just a Fashion Statement?

When you look at headphones especially the ones that are made to fit over your ears and almost make a statement as you wear them on the street, or on celebrities as they walk past the camera it’s often the case that the make becomes a victim of their own style and price. This is the case of Beats by Dr Dre, you can often look at social media sites and see people complain how they would never wear them how rubbish they are, and this is very likely without having even tried them.

The most recent version of Beats are known as Beats Executive and with their silver/grey colouring look for a more understated look, but still feature a high price tag and are highly visible. The question is though as stated above is the main attack on the style of the headphones themselves and the fact that they are a victim of their own brand, or do they actually have the specs to live up to the name they proudly show off to the world.


The interesting thing about the Beats Executive range is that they are in fact bigger on the head than the average Beats, this makes them more noticeable. The counter side of this though is that they are able to offer more comfort and actual have a more natural fit. The headphones themselves take two AAA batteries and these are fitted in a hidden batter cover on the left ear cup. The wire that runs from the headphones and to the music source stands out with its red colouring, which seems odd as black may have been a better choice, this fits with the original beats colouring though.

The Beats Executive headphones are built for comfort and in some ways extra style even with the bigger design. They are also easy to store as they fold up to fit into the new slim line case that has been provided. Another added plus is the extra wire that is provided as backup in case the one in use fails.

Sound Quality

As always with headphones the most important thing is the sound quality, especially with the premium priced variety. The sound is detailed and built to be loud with plenty of bass. The Beats are designed to give excellent performance and do manage to outdo a lot of the competition in this variety. If anything the Beats range are a victim of their own success and marketing as a fashion product. The fact is though that people may complain about them but the audio quality is there even at a premium price that may put many off.


The Beats range of headphones are often seen as a fashion statement, especially when you see celebrities wearing them like the latest thing to be seen wearing. The fact is though they are headphones that can back themselves up especially in the price range that they are released in. At £269/$300 these will be pricey for some, but for people willing to spend that much they do stand up against the competition. They aren’t the best headphones out there, and if you pay more you will get better, for what they are though they do live up to the hype even if they over rely on batteries for some of the sound quality, and when the batteries run out you’ll be left with no headphones, which is obviously something that will be annoying.

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